About J



Highland Heights, KY

Years Licensed


School Attended

Gary Manuel Aveda Institute 2006-2007


States Licensed

South Carolina and Washington State


2010 Regis Color Award

In truth my becoming a hair stylist fell into my lap. After growing up in Highland Heights KY I was on a mission to becoming a photographer. I graduated high shcool and within a week I was living in Seattle attending the Art Institute.

I lasted one semester and I was done with it! I knew I wanted to have a career but I wasn’t into college. I wanted something that happened a little faster. I was a client of the Gary Manuel Salon in downtown Seattle when I heard that they had an Aveda School. After looking into it I decided to give it a try; and I am more than happy that I did. It was my best decision. I learned how much joy it brought me to make other people love the way they looked and I bonded with them in a way that I equate to family. At the same time I got to express my creativity which I believe has helped become so strong in color.

After graduation I assisted in a salon in Seattle and a few here in Charleston. I built up my clientele base, I won the 2010 Regis Color Award by using Wella, and I decided to branch out on my own. I find that music and fashion inspire me as well as a desire to please and expand a persons potential. I don't see hair as just something to have but something to use. Its an accessory that you wear everyday, everywhere.

What Inspires Me

My many inspirations include fashion and functional trends. Sometimes it's just an idea that pops into my head at random. I'm also inspired by traveling to new places but most importantly I am inspired by music. I can't do hair without good music!

Because Hair is an Art