Chemical Retexture

$110 and up
2 hr., 15 min.


30 min.
A complimentary consult for any guest. A great way to ask me questions, or to discuss an idea you have and make sure I am the stylist right for the job!

Hair Color

All Over Color
$85 and up
2 hr., 30 min.
An all over root to end color service, perfect for going darker , tonal changes or for a first time client looking to change everything!
Color Correction
4 hr., 45 min.
When bad color happens to good people! Please book a consultation. This can not be booked online and sometimes its an easy fix in a few hours, or sometimes its a much harder problem that can take a lot longer.
Full Foil
$110 and up
2 hr., 45 min.
A beautifully dimensional look that utilizes two colors. Additional colors can be added for a $10 charge
Partial Foil
$90 and up
2 hr., 30 min.
Perfectly crafted to bring dimension, movement and enhancement to your color. This service includes two colors. Additional colors may be added for a $10 charge
1 hr., 30 min.
When you are looking to add some shine back into your hair this quick and easy service is the perfect fit to enhance your hairs luster.
Single Process/Base Color
$70 and up
2 hr.
Roots coming in? Need to cover those greys at the scalp? This is a service designed for maintenance of your current color, just touching up whats grown in since your last visit ( 1/2 inch to 1 inch ). For highlights please book for either a partial or a full foil. This is a service for guests with one solid color hair.
Accent Foil
$45 and up
30 min.
Just a few foils, crafted to accentuate your color with a small amount of pop. Perfect for when you just need a little something.
Full Foil w Base Color
$150 and up
2 hr., 45 min.
This is a great service for people who want an over all highlight and a color in between each foil to ensure the new look is even all over! Booked together you save $30.
Kenue Bond Fusion Add On
$15 and up
15 min.
The newest in hair restoration, you will not regret adding this upgrade into your color! Perfect for highlights, color corrections, all over light blondes and anyone whose hair is more sensitive to breakage. Also great for hair that has been damaged from at home coloring and needs the best in restoring vitality! Feel free to contact me to know more if you have any questions!
Ombre/color Melt
$95 and up
2 hr.
These creative custom colors offer a current and tailored hair art! Using a free hand technique to create blended or bold coloring to the hair that also details movement in your color!
Partial Foil w Base Color
$120 and up
2 hr., 15 min.
Save $40 when you book for a partial foil and a root touch up together! Great for clients who want to have highlights and absolutely zero roots. Great coverage, or just a change from your natural color, this classic look is sure to pop.


Men's Cut
45 min.
Mens hair is more than just a haircut. It should look tailored to fit your needs. Whether its a classic look or a modern take, clean and precise or texture and wild, the cut just has to work.
Women's Cut
1 hour.
A snip here and a snip there. Precision cutting to craft your look from short to long and anything in between.


Formal Style/Updo
$55 and up
1 hour., 30 min.
Perfect for those formal parties, weddings, or proms. A quick consultation, some curling or waving and building your hair into a work of art.
Shampoo Style
45 min.


Brow Wax
15 min.
Lip Wax
15 min.

Products Used

  • Keune Tinta

  • Keune Bond Fusion